Domain Transfer Procedure

Requirements for transferring a domain name

Per ICANN regulations, the gaining registrar is required to obtain express authorization from the Transfer Contact(s) (listed Registrant or the Administrative Contact). Hence, a transfer may only proceed if confirmation of the transfer is received by the Gaining Registrar by the Transfer Contact.

Authorization must be obtained one of the following ways:

Auto-verification (email authorization)
When an auto verification transfer order is submitted, a verification email will be sent to the registrant and administrative contact(s) for the domain(s). (Per ICANN Regulations, transfer verification will NOT be sent to technical, billing or other listed contacts for the domain.)

NOTE: If this verification is not received, the transfer will not proceed. Without this verification, transfer requests are not sent to the registry and the domain will not be put into “Pending Transfer” status for release by the losing registrar. **

Fax (physical/paper authorization)
In the event that the gaining registrar relies on a physical process to obtain transfer authorization, a paper copy of the FOA (FOA: Standardized Form of Authorization) is generated by the gaining registrar and must signed by the Transfer Contact. The form is faxed, or scanned and emailed to the gaining registrar and MUST be accompanied by reliable evidence of the identity for the Transfer Contact.

The acceptable forms of physical identity are:

•  Notarized statement
•  Valid Drivers license
•  Passport
•  Article of Incorporation
•  Military ID
•  State/Government issued ID
•  Birth Certificate

NOTE: The fax transfer option is not available for .uk and .ca transfers.

Domain requirements

In order to transfer a domain between registrars, a domain must meet the following requirements:

TLD specific requirements and other pertinent information

Transferring a domain away from Branzone

You will be required by the gaining registrar to verify the request via fax or email and by providing the correct EPP code as required for .org, .info, .biz, .us, .in and .cn domains. This verification not only satisfies ICANN regulations, but is a safe-guard which ensures the transfer request is legitimate and that it has been verified by the legal transfer contact(s) as required by ICANN. Once the transfer request has been verified, the gaining registrar will submit the transfer request to the appropriate registry.

Once a transfer request has been submitted to the registry, (moving the domain into "pending transfer" status), the current registrar for the name will receive notification of the request. ICANN Transfer Policy dictates that current registrar must release the domain within five days of the date and time they were notified of the transfer request.

Please remember that this is an automated process, involving at least four parties (the global registry, two registrars and the domain contacts). Notifications and approvals are processed automatically. The only exception to this would be an explicit request by the registrant or administrative contact of the domain to manually approve (ACK) or deny (NACK) a transfer request. The explicit request is made to the registrar of record (losing registrar). The gaining registrar cannot ACK or NACK a transfer request.

For additional information regarding ICANN transfer regulations, go to:

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