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Maps and Gamemodes

There are four gamemodes available. Below is a list with all level/gamemode combinations available.

Internal Level Name Game Mode Public Level Name  Content Package
levels/mp_01 Combat Mission Mazar-i-Sharif Airfield Base
levels/mp_01_elimination Clean Sweep Mazar-i-Sharif Airfield Map Pack 1
levels/mp_02 Combat Mission Shah-i-Khot Mountains Base
levels/mp_02_koth Hot Zone Hindu Kush Pass Map Pack 2
levels/mp_02_koth2 Hot Zone Shah-i-Khot Village Map Pack 2
levels/mp_03_elimination Clean Sweep Khyber Caves Map Pack 1
levels/mp_04 Combat Mission Helmand Valley Base
levels/mp_04_koth Hot Zone Helmand River Hill Map Pack 2
levels/mp_05_domination Sector Control Kandahar Marketplace Base
levels/mp_05_overrun Objective Raid Kandahar Marketplace Base
levels/mp_05_tdm Team Assault Kandahar Marketplace Base
levels/mp_06_domination Sector Control Diwagal Camp Base
levels/mp_06_elimination Clean Sweep Diwagal Camp Map Pack 1
levels/mp_06_overrun Objective Raid Diwagal Camp Base
levels/mp_06_tdm Team Assault Diwagal Camp Base
 levels/mp_07_koth Hot Zone Korengal Outpost Map Pack 2
levels/mp_08_domination Sector Control Kunar Base Base
levels/mp_08_overrun Objective Raid Kunar Base Base
levels/mp_08_tdm Team Assault Kunar Base Base
levels/mp_09_domination Sector Control Kabul City Ruins Base
levels/mp_09_overrun Objective Raid Kabul City Ruins Base
levels/mp_09_elimination Clean Sweep Kabul City Ruins Map Pack 1
levels/mp_09_tdm Team Assault Kabul City Ruins Base
levels/mp_10_domination Sector Control Garmzir Town Base
levels/mp_10_overrun Objective Raid Garmzir Town Base
levels/mp_10_tdm Team Assault Garmzir Town Base

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