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Unfortunately cPanel does not have a URL Frame feature. But you can set up URL Frame forwarding for your domain on your own. For that you will need to create a simple html page* with the following code:

<title> Type here anything you want </title> <!-- This text will be shown as name of the page -->
<frame src="http://destination_domain.tld">
<noframes>Your browser does not support frames. Please click <a href="http://destination_domain.tld"> here </a> to be redirected automatically </noframes> <!-- This tag is required for old browsers. If browser does not support frames, end user will see a message indicated between <noframes>...</noframes> -->

Simply change "http://destination_domain.tld" to the url you want to forward to and save the changes.

*Please note that you need to name this page index.html if it is the first (or the only) page for your website.

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