New website has launched!

  • Tuesday, 2nd July, 2013
  • 01:14am
The days of three column websites are over! Gone! Astalavista! Well for us at least. Today we said fairwell to our three columned site and said hello to our new Web 2.0, Twitter Bootstrap Framed, PC-Tablet-Phone Responsive site. Back in the day (only 8-9 years ago) we contracted a web designer to build us what had become an industry leading three columned site. They liked our layout concept so much they decided to use the framework as the premier template for all their templated sites. However over the years the layout became less user friendly and dated. As monitors got larger and smart phones gained traction we had to make a move!

The new layout is user friendly, easier to navigate and our customer portal has been integrated into our main website. Yay! Additionally, the new layout will automatically adjust to the resolution of your device. Have a Tablet? No problem! The site will automatically adjust itself specifically for Tablet users and it doesn't stop there. The responsive style of our new site provides a unique configuration for phone users allowing you to navigate easier than ever before.

We hope you enjoy our new site and we will continue to add/tweak the site moving forward to make it even better than it is now!
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