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Level-specific settings
When the server loads a new level, it looks through a pool of level-specific setting. If it finds anything that applies, then its value is used to override the default values for the level.

Level-specific settings come as three different contexts: either they apply to all levels, or only levels within one gamemode, or one specific level. When the server loads a new level, it will prefer settings for a narrower context; i.e. if there is an overall setting, a setting for the current gamemode, and a setting for the current level, then the setting for the current gamemode will be used.

Changing Settings

  • levelVars.set is used to set a level-specific setting. For instance, to double the ticket count for all CONQUEST levels, you would do ‘levelVars.set gamemode CONQUEST tickets 200’.
  • levelVars.get reads the value of a specific setting.
  • levelVars.evaluate determines what value of a current setting applies to the current level; useful when there are multiple contexts that apply to the current level and it’s difficult to tell which has highest priority.

Context Options (red)

  • all
  • gamemode <name of game mode>
  • level <name of level>

Gamemode Names (green)

  • RUSH
  • SQDM

Level Names (green)

  • Panama Canal = mp_001
  • Valparaíso = mp_002
  • Laguna Alta= mp_003
  • Isla Inocentes = mp_004
  • Atacama Desert = mp_005
  • Arica Harbor = mp_006
  • White Pass = mp_007
  • Nelson Bay = mp_008
  • Laguna Presa = mp_009
  • Port Valdez = mp_012

Implemented Settings (blue)

  • tickets <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original number of tickets on a level for Conquest, number of tickets for both teams for Rush and Squadrush, number of tickets for the attacking team for Squad Deathmatch, winning ticketcount
  • ticketBleedSpeed <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original bleed-speed for a level specifies how quickly tickets should bleed when one side has dominance
  • vehicleSpawnRate <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original vehicle spawn rate on a level specifies how quickly vehicles should respawn; this does not affect other caps that are built into the levels, such as “Max X vehicles of type Y on this level”
  • vehiclesDisabled <true|false> (default: false) When disabled, vehicles and stationary anti-vehicle weapons are removed from the level. Disabling vehicles makes the server “Modified”.
  • startDelay <seconds> (default varies from gamemode to gamemode) pecifies how long the spawn-delay will be once the first player has loaded in to a map
  • respawnDelay <seconds> (default: 15-20 somewhere) when a player is killed, it takes this long until he/she can spawn in again. Minimum allowed value is 10 seconds.


levelVars.set <context> <key> <value>

levelVars.set all vehicleSpawnRate 200 (make vehicles spawn quicker on all maps)
levelVars.set gamemode CONQUEST ticketBleedSpeed 150 (make tickets bleed slightly faster on conquest maps)
levelVars.set level mp_001 disabledVehicles "BMD3,A3M3,QUAD" (remove these 3 vehicles on Panama Canal map only)

Note: These settings should be set in the Startup.txt file under the 'Level Specific Settings' header. One setting per line.

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